I promise to protect the nine rules of Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu

1. With the character nin (忍) I repay our citizens and country.

2. Forget ego, just endure. Disregard death, fight for a better future.

3. When danger arrives, say and show nothing.

4. Even as a fierce enemy appears, keep Fudoshin.

5. Wholeheartedly serve your instructor (師) and parents.

6. Those who indulge in desire, may lose mastery (術力).

7. Drunkards will lose their mastery (術力).

8. Takeaway the enemies fighting power but not his life.

9. Do not teach others without the instructor’s permission.

I vow to protect these nine rules.

(Translation updated by Takeharu Bruce Nakadai and Joe Maurantonio; any errors are my own)