Hatsumi Soke has urged that members of the Bujinkan should live a healthy life, without harming society, by cultivating the relationship of nature and mankind through the martial ways. Additionally, he has repeatedly encouraged Bujinkan members to create a strong, healthy community.


To create a community that promotes Bujinkan training in the USA and around the world by following the teachings of Hatsumi Soke as outlined in the Rules Of The Bujinkan, Honbu Updates and our Curriculum Overview.


Members must follow Bufu Ikkan (the martial ways as a principle every day of your life) for the sake of protecting natural justice and happiness through the martial ways, without turning to personal profits and desires. Our community seeks to offer a forum for members to discuss challenges, share insights, and provide mentoring to the next generation.



Listings Notice
The Shidoshi Kai website has the right to refuse or remove members who do not follow the Rules of the Bujinkan and the Hombu Updates. Listings on this web site have been verified by reviewing the instructor’s certificates.